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Planning your destination wedding in the Cook Islands is perfect tropical event. Whether you want a beach wedding or to be in the center of a tropical garden paradise it’s all here. You can even get married in a traditional church, or out on the water. There are many resorts on the Islands that are ready to help you plan your special day. They can help you out with location, catering, flowers, etc so that you can enjoy this beautiful setting. A touch of the traditional island culture is a great addition to any wedding ceremony or celebration. Tropical floral and leis along with authentic dancers and food make this destination wedding more than just a travel guide tourist attraction.

Though you would rather dream about the white sand and palm trees, there are a few logistics to get out of the way. No travel guide will be specific enough to tell you about the legal aspects of your marriage. The Cook Islands make it easy to get married. All marriages in the Cook Islands are internationally recognized and legally binding worldwide. However, it is still advisable to check with your home state or province for the requirements, just in case. Legal marrying age in the Islands is 20, written parental consent is required for younger.

An application for a marriage license should be made in person at least three working days before the marriage. A passport and birth certificate is required when filing the “Notice of Intended Marriage” at the Registrar’s office. If one of both of the couple is divorced, the Divorce Decree is also required. All documents must be in English and you must register three days before the wedding. If the wedding destination is in Aitutaki Island the couple must arrive three days prior to the wedding.

Travel planner guides may not contain up to date information about the legal aspect of planning a wedding on the Islands so check for the latest info online. Travel guides are good for checking out the resort or hotel you want to have your destination wedding at. There are many to choose from on most of the islands. You have your choice of private islands, boutique resorts, the best hotels, etc. The sky is the limit when you are in paradise. After the wedding is over, the honeymoon begins without having to go very far. You can enjoy a wedding and honeymoon package from most resorts.

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