When you are going to travel to Cook Islands, there is a lot that you need to learn before you leave. These islands are a tropical paradise located in the South Pacific. Owned by New Zealand, the island is home to mainly Polynesian residents who come from the Maori culture and speak the native language. Of course, there are also many who speak English here, so you don’t have to worry about a language barrier on your holiday. While this country is only 91.4 square miles in land size, it covers a portion of the ocean that is roughly the size of India.

Travel to Cook Islands is done either by boat or plane, depending on how you book your vacation and where you’re coming from. Once you get to the islands, you also have many different options for internal travel. While most of the islands are smaller and can be seen easily, there are larger islands that require vehicles and 15 different islands that you can travel between in this chain. The Cook Islands use the New Zealand dollar and their own style of currency that looks different but is the same value as its New Zealand counterpart. This island currency is not legal tender outside of the islands themselves.

If you’re trying to figure out when to travel to Cook Islands, you’ve got plenty of different options to choose from. Year-round, this tropical climate is fairly tolerable. However, you will typically find the best temperatures during their winter months, which run from May to October. This is when things are dry and less humid, although the nights can get quite chilly. Traveling during the summer months will put you at risk of frequent rain showers and storms, as well as the increased risk of cyclones during this peak time of year.

Travel to Cook Islands for a getaway like nothing that you’ve ever experienced before. However, you should keep in mind that you’ve got to learn about this destination before you go so that you can have the best experience possible. It’s also important that you explore everything that you have to choose from here so that you can get the vacation that you’ve been looking for. With so much to plan, you’d better get started now. Your island paradise vacation awaits in the Cook Islands, but it’s up to you to plan accordingly and learn the basics before you go.

The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. They are over 92 square miles of sheer paradise. With pristine beaches and an international airport, anyone can see why they make a great vacation or honeymoon destination. The main island is Rarotonga and there are 15 other major islands. There many uninhabited islands as well. The Cook Islands are home to popular destinations like Nassau and six coral atolls. The moderate to tropical climate always welcomes visitors with sunny weather and perfect temperatures. There is so much to discover visitors may need a travel guide to take in all that there is to see.

A travel guide will allow you to experience the music, dance, and other culture of the Cook Islands. From New York flight times average around 20 hours. From Los Angeles to the Islands is about 5-10 hours less. English is the main language spoken on the Islands. Cook Island Maori is spoken by the natives among themselves. With over 90,000 tourists visiting every year, English is spoken everywhere. The currency in the Islands is the New Zealand dollar. Most monies are easily exchanged for the NZD all over the Islands.

The weather on the Cook Islands is another thing that a travel guide can prepare visitors for. The summer season runs from November to April and is the rainy season. It is hot and humid and there is constant threat of cyclones, or tropical hurricanes. The winter season is from May to October. It is drier and cooler but the temperature drops almost 20 degrees at night. Temperature highs are expected to stay between 70-85F throughout the year. Lows stay at about 65-80F all year. Just about any time of year there is more sun than there are clouds and storms.

A travel guide will remind you that the power outlets in the Cook Islands are different than in the US. The US functions off 110 volt power, but on the Islands 220 is used. If someone plugs in their hairdryer in the Cook Islands, it is probable that the hairdryer will be overloaded and break. Before traveling, it is a good idea to get a voltage converter. This way no new appliances will need to be purchased. The outlets are also shaped differently. This should be taken into consideration when buying the converter. Outlets in the Cook Islands are in a ‘V’ formation with the point of the ‘V’ on the top.

The Cook Islands are a series of fifteen islands located in the South Pacific. Like most other islands in the region they rely heavily on tourism to fuel their economy and they’re quite successful at it thanks to the numerous benefits they offer to those looking for a travel escape. Couples looking for honeymoon packages, singles looking for a way to get away from it all and find some adventure and relaxation, and even families hoping for something different can all find what they’re looking for with all inclusive vacation packages to the region. There really is something for everyone.

Like most South Pacific travel escape destinations, the Cook Islands offer scenic beauty that is unmatched elsewhere on the planet. Picturesque sunsets and sunrises, stunning ocean views, and rich tropical foliage make them the perfect location for couples hoping to find romance. An overwater bungalow adds to the aura of romance even further. All inclusive honeymoon packages are easy to find and to afford and provide an easy way to spend time together and connect in one of the most incredible settings on the planet. Of course, there’s more than just romance here, and many vacation packages include a bit of adventure.

The South Pacific is famous for its ocean culture, and the ocean provides plenty of adventure when you’re planning a travel escape to the area. Diving is one of the most popular activities during a visit to the Cook Islands, but windsailing, ocean kayaking, snorkeling, and more are all possibilities as well. Some vacation packages provide you with free access to things like kayaks or snorkeling equipment while others just focus on your accommodations and flights. Be sure you discuss your desires with your trip advisor so that you can plan out the perfect trip for you and whomever you may be traveling with.

Even families can plan a travel escape to the Cook Islands and enjoy their stay. The kids will find plenty of adventure in the area while mom and dad will enjoy the romance, the fine dining, the drinks on the beach, and much more. In most cases when setting up vacation packages you’ll be able to find out what kind of child care options may exist on the island – you can often schedule a babysitter for a couple of evenings alone while enjoying family time during the day. Simply put, the South Pacific is the perfect travel option for anyone.

When couples are planning a dream honeymoon vacation, they often choose the islands of the South Pacific. Cook Islands, are exotic islands to choose from. Beautiful resorts and overwater bungalows are available at some locations.

The Cook Islands are between American Samoa and French Polynesia. They are the perfect destination for couples who seek a travel escape to a remote location. The islands aren’t as commercial as Tahiti or some of the other locations. The largest island is Rarotonga, which has a selection of resorts for couples who want an adventure in paradise. Rarotonga has beautiful, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and spectacular mountains. Titikaveka is one of the most beautiful beaches, and has charming, private villas and tropical gardens. Rarotonga has exciting activities for couples on their honeymoon. For couples who love outdoor activities, hiking and walking tours are available. Water activities, sightseeing tours, and cultural tours are provided.

”We live to eat, not eat to live!” While visiting Cook Islands, you might hear this phrase by many. If you enjoy your food, you will take great pleasure in the Cook Islands. Food is the essence of life, and with the seas of the South Pacific lapping at their door and fertile volcanic soils producing fine produce, dining at any level is sure to be enjoyed.

Island Nights, which are often included in the weekly entertainment at many resorts, are not to be missed for their mix of a plentiful tantalizing local fare. A feast of seafood, meats and vegetables is followed by traditional entertainment where locals adorned in colorful costumes proudly display their authentic Cook Island culture through drumming, singing and dancing. The evening entertainment is usually completed with a Ura Piani (invitation dance), where visitors are given the chance to match the hip shaking of the locals. This is a fun night for all ages! More than 50 restaurants and cafes can be found around the island of Rarotonga alone.