For those living in the continental United States, and even Alaska, vacations and honeymoons in Hawaii offer a taste of the Pacific Islands without the hassle of traveling outside of the country. Even the currency is an advantage, because as a state it of course uses the U.S. dollar. This means there are no conversion rates to deal with, and planning financially for the trip is a breeze. The weather is also another great incentive to travel to Hawaii over some of the other island options. This is because it is relatively consistent compared to the climate of other pacific islands, and therefore travel is much more reasonable year around.

There are really only two seasons in Hawaii, with the main difference between the two being the amount of rainfall. During the summer months of May through October the average high reaches around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the remaining winter months the temperatures only drop to an average of 78 degree Fahrenheit. The main difference between the two is that from October to March, known as the rainy season, there is significantly increased rainfall. Visiting during this time is still optimal for some however. Many actually choose to come during the wet season to catch of glimpse of the hundreds of sea turtles lay and hatch their eggs.

Hurricane season may be a time of the year to visit that is less safe than others. While most hurricanes miss Hawaii, there is always the chance one will hit, and when it does it leaves behind wide spread devastation and often death. Whatever time of the year you choose to visit, whether for vacations or honeymoons, look for all inclusive packages to make the time even sweeter. These often included lodging, meals, and even entertainment at a great price.

Honeymoon packages and vacation packages are definitely the best way to visit Hawaii. You get the advantage of enjoying a little bit of everything the island has to offer and it is all planned for you at one great price. Adding each aspect of most packages on by themselves would often cost hundreds more that what they cost as part of a package deal. Be sure to book early because often rooms and packages are booked well in advance all year long. Book yours today and rest easy knowing your vacation in the pacific is simply awaiting your arrival. As a bonus, you have something great to look forward to.

The flight time from Los Angeles to Hawaii is just about 5 hours. Because Hawaii is an island, the flight is a straight flight. If wanting to go go to the other islands, plan on an additional 45 minutes to an hour of flight time along with the 5 hours from Los Angeles.

For Americans, Hawaii is a great place to travel to for many reasons. Going to Hawaii allows Americans to vacation to a great place and not have to worry about understanding the language, exchanging money or traveling too terribly far.

There never really is a bad time to honeymoon in Hawaii. The island state has two seasons: summer and winter. Summer is from May until September and winter comes along starting in October until April. The summer temperature average is a balmy 80 degrees and the average winter temperature is 75 degrees. With little temperature variance throughout the year, trips are planned all year long. Because there is so much access to water in Hawaii, it is not uncommon to see people walking around in bathing suits and a pair of shorts. For everyday outdoor trips, a short sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts will do the trick. At night it cools down some so a light jacket may be required.

Because Hawaii is such a hot spot for honeymoons, the island state has embraced this fact. They have resorts all over the islands that cater to the visiting couples and their families. They offer packages that include spa services, dinners, room service specials and much more. These resorts want their guests to have the best time that they can and they go out of their way to make sure this happens. Honeymoons tend to be a once in a lifetime trip and they should be treated and celebrated as such.

Pearl Harbor
Visit Pearl Harbor and learn about the events of World War II at the Arizona Memorial, USS Missouri, Bowfin Submarine and Pacific Aviation Museum. Pearl Harbor is the only naval base in the U.S. to be…

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
On the southern most part of the Big Island at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kilauea Volcano continues to rise as one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Tour ancient lava tubes,

Polynesian Cultural Center
Hawaii’s Polynesian Cultural Center, located about one hour’s scenic drive from Waikiki, is the top paid Hawaiian attraction for a reason.

Molokini Snorkeling
Experience the beauty of the crescent-shaped islet of Molokini! Once used for target practice by the U.S. military, it is now a popular visitor’s attraction well-known for its fantastic scuba.

North Shore / Haleiwa
This fabled surfer’s haven is legendary for its perfect winter waves and professional surf competitions. Watch pro surfers tackle the merciless waves of Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay or Sunset Beach.

Mauna Kea Summit & Stargazing
The seasonally snow-capped Mauna Kea stands as the tallest mountain in Hawaii and is considered the tallest mountain in the world when measured from sea floor to summit.

Waimea Canyon
On the west-side of the island of Kauai stands beautiful Waimea Canyon, a vast 3,500-foot deep canyon famous for its spectacular panoramic views of steep cliffs, rugged valleys, and breathtaking peaks

Haleakala National Park
Haleakala, known as the “House of the Rising Sun” in Hawaiian, is an active, but non-erupting volcano that rises majestically in middle of the Haleakala National Park.

Waipio Valley
Lying deep in the valley of Waipio, the “Valley of the Kings” is one of the most unique native preserves in Hawaii. Untouched by corporate hands, view beautiful cascading waterfalls.

On the north shore of the island of Kauai, the incredible Na Pali Coast spans fifteen-miles as a dynamic and rugged coastline. Along the breathtaking coast of Na Pali, you can hike as well.

Hawaii is often thought of as the perfect romantic vacation destination. Everyday people plan honeymoons to Hawaii to enjoy all the islands have to offer in terms of romantic beach sunsets, tropical island breezes, and exotic culture. Likewise, people plan weddings in exotic locales and on beaches all over the islands. They spend thousands of dollars to fly in all their family and friends for elaborate ceremonies, luxurious reception dinners, and exotic experiences before, during, and after the wedding. However, expensive weddings and luxurious honeymoons are not the only things Hawaii has to offer.

Hawaiian lifestyles are simple and in tune with the natural world around them. Aloha means love for all things, in addition to many other translations. However, love and appreciation for the natural world are the hallmark of Hawaiian life and traditions. This celebration of love and nature is one of the primary reasons Hawaii is such a favorite place for weddings and honeymoons. However, no one ever said your plans had to be elaborate or expensive. A simple romantic vacation to Hawaii to relax, enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of the islands, and a simple vow renewal or wedding ceremony can be just as beautiful, and just as memorable, as elaborate plans.

There is something to be said for the peace and tranquility that surround the islands of Hawaii. Incorporating that same peace and tranquility into your romantic vacation, modest wedding plans, or simplistic honeymoon plans can provide more enjoyment and sense of satisfaction than vacations and events that cost thousands of dollars. Especially in today’s hectic world, the serenity and calm that surrounds the islands, the gentle low roar of the incoming tides, and the clean ocean breezes have rejuvenating qualities you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. Allowing these simple things to be the focus of your vacation, wedding, or honeymoon frees your mind and spirit to truly relax, enjoy your surroundings, and made room for all the memorable things you share together.
Hawaii is the perfect destination for a romantic vacation, a sunset beach wedding, or waking up together on your first full day as husband and wife with a beautiful island backdrop for your honeymoon. However, simplicity in planning your stay in Hawaii can offer as much, if not more, opportunity for you to enjoy the things you came to Hawaii to see and celebrate. It does not take fancy decorations or elaborate plans, just a love for each other set amongst some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world.