Beautiful weather is a huge factor in the planning process for many honeymoons. Most people do not live in a beautiful tropical climate and they would like to take a vacation to go to a place that is not like home. One of those places is Jamaica. Jamaica seems like it would be very far away but it is really only a 6 hour flight from Los Angeles. As soon as you get off the plane, you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and by the gorgeous weather. Jamaica’s climate is tropical and the weather is warm and sunny all year long.

The average temperature for Jamaica falls between 80 degrees and 86 degrees. To some this weather may seem hot and unbearable but that is not the case. The island nation has light winds that are constantly moving about and this helps to make the warm weather feel comfortable. Jamaica has two seasons and those are the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season occurs during the months of May, June, September and October. The rest of the year is generally dry. The location of Jamaica places it close to the equator which gives the island its beautiful weather. The location of Jamaica also places it in the hurricane belt. Hurricane season falls from June to November but it is rare for a hurricane to actually hit the island.

Jamaica does have its own currency and the natives on the island use Jamaican money. Anywhere there is a money exchange, American dollars can be exchanged for Jamaican money. It is recommended that the exchange happens in Jamaica as the rate tends to be slightly higher and people get more for their money in country. The exchange rate will vary almost daily as the world markets are always changing. By exchanging money in country, you get the most current and the best rate available.

Jamaica is a tourist destination and they are well aware of this. They have resorts and 5 star hotels all over the island and they are ready to wait on their guests. They go out of their way to make sure that any and all tourists are taken care of and that they have the best time. Tourism is a huge industry in Jamaica and they know how to do it right. Any couple looking to honeymoon in Jamaica is bound to have a great time and they will not be disappointed.

This may seem like a faraway place for many but the flight time from Los Angeles to Jamaica is just under 6 hours. Once you get off the plane, you have arrived in an island paradise where beautiful and warm weather is waiting for you.

Sangster International Airport located in Montego Bay, most tourists land here. It’s the better port of entrance if you’re headed to Montego Bay, Ocho Rios or Negril. In addition to international terminals, this airport has a domestic terminal with local flights that depart regularly to Kingston, Negril, Port Antonio and Ocho Rios. Taxis, hotel shuttles and car rental companies are available to help you get to your final destination.

Ian Fleming International Airport
Our newest international airport, the Ian Fleming International Airport, is located in the Ocho Rios resort area. It is a convenient entry point to Jamaica’s north coast for small aircraft. Many of Jamaica’s renowned villas and resorts are only minutes away. For your convenience, car rentals, taxi services and shuttles are easily arranged.

Yard Tours Ja. Co. Ltd. offers sunshine and sunset cruises along the Montego Bay coastline to the sounds of reggae music and an open bar.Spend some time aboard the “Yola-B,” a vintage 53-foot Hatteras Cruiser-Yacht. It is spacious and equipped with all the amenities to make your cruising enjoyable. Whether snorkeling or cruising to the sound of the island’s music, you are sure to build fond memories.The yachts are available for private charters, tailored to your needs: Wedding plans, sunshine cruising, snorkeling, and partying, or for sunset party cruising.

Bob Marley’s Mausoleum home at Nine Mile includes a tour of the property from Rastafarian guides, which usually includes a rendition of one of Bob’s songs, memorabilia, his famous “rock pillow” where he rested his head for inspiration and the Marley mausoleum. There are two tombs in the mausoleum, one where Bob Marley is buried along with his half-brother, Anthony Booker. The second tomb is that of Cedella Booker, Bob Marley’s mother or “Mamma Marley” as she was sometimes called.

Animal Farm & Nature Reserve offers tours to individuals or groups to view a wide range of exotic birds and animals as well as to learn about alternative energy with solar and bio-gas generating plants. There is also an extensive local herb garden, each plant is labeled with their use and their local and scientific names. The beautiful gardens and open spaces make for the ideal picnic ground and facilities are provided for out-door cooking. The highlight of the experience for most visitors is the thrill of hand-feeding birds in the walk-in aviary.

Appleton Estate Rum Tour gives visitors an inside look at the rum-making process. Visitors watch resident donkey “Pax” demonstrate how juice was extracted from sugarcane in the 18th century. From there the tour takes visitors to the Distillery & Aging House where the different methods of distillation are shown. Visitors are then able to juice their own cane, sample white rum and boil “wet sugar”.

Revel in a enchanting nightfall sail with your love, as the tender breeze eases all emotions. Unwind on a catamaran voyage to the marine stop and revel in a relieving aloe vera foot rub. Here, the sun goes down in the midst of white sand shorelines, sentimental music, and tender Caribbean waters. Float over the beautiful Montego Bay coastline whilst toasting the end of the day with champagne mimosas. It is a life-changing background not to be missed.

Offer a sentimental involvement with somebody you love. Revel in a private supper on your gallery with the sea out of sight or straightforwardly on the shoreline under the stars with decorative designs and candle lights. Have your individual server deal with your each need. Enjoy a cheery and sustaining environment that sways you to disregard everything and simply delight in one another.