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Fiji Island Honeymoons – Couples Romantic Destination – The Perfect Setting for Special Occasions

Fiji Island is a popular destination for romantic activities. It has some of the most beautiful island scenery that anyone can imagine. It’s a popular place for marriage services, as well as honeymoons. There are many options that range from structured activities offered by resorts to exploring less-visited areas. Many of the beaches are fairly secluded, and are ideal for spending some time alone. The Coral Coast part of Fiji has some beautiful diving spots that couples are likely to want to experience together. An adventure tour that visits some of the outdoor areas, such as Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, is another popular activity for couples.

Weddings are a very popular reason to visit the Fiji islands. A nice hotel or resort will have great facilities for a service or reception. Protestant, Catholic or civil officiants are easy to find, and travel services that handle wedding plans can find the right officiant. A large number of couples of who decide to marry in Fiji choose a beautiful outdoor location, such as on a beach or in a rainforest, with a waterfall in the background. The reception can be held at the place of your choosing. Make sure you have your birth certificates and passports ready when you’re applying for the license.

Fiji is made up of around 330 islands. Less than half of these are inhabited, so the country has plenty of unspoiled wilderness areas that are nice places for couples to visit. You’ll have a good taste of Micronesian culture, because Fiji is located between Hawaii and New Zealand. Many of the traditional tribal villages are open to international visitors. The climate is tropical, and you’ll enjoy warm temperatures no matter when you visit. This is why Fiji is such a popular location for outdoor marriage services. Each season has consistent temperatures, although there is a cyclone season from November to April.

Visitors will want to take advantage of deals that offer them a lot to see and do in Fiji islands. The country has friendly residents who welcome visitors. Most visitors do recommend using a travel guide to plan to see the attractions. When you purchase items here, you’ll use the Fijian Dollar for your transactions. You can expect the larger hotels and resorts to accept credit cards. Don’t be offended if a waitstaff member declines a tip, since tipping is not generally practiced in Fijian culture. English is understood and spoken by most, but some villagers in more remote villages may only know Fijian.

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