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Fiji Travel Guide – Plan the Perfect Fiji Island Honeymoon or Romantic Exotic Vacation

Fiji is one of the largest groups of islands in the Pacific, and has become a very popular travel destination. Most visitors who come to the island stay in a resort, which offers numerous activities. Many people prefer Fiji because it’s one of the best places to get married in. The official language is English, so you’ll have no trouble understanding people or getting around. Other languages include Fijian, which is the native language, and Hindustani. The Fijian Dollar is the local currency. Tipping is not encouraged, and a sincere smile and “Thank you” are preferred.

The country is located on the International Date Line, and situated between New Zealand and Hawaii. It’s defined as an archipelago that is made up of 332 islands. Of these, 110 are inhabited, with several being popular locations for honeymoons. The seasons in Fiji are not as distinct as they are in some other countries, although there is a cyclone season between November and April. Temperatures are still mild, but somewhat cooler during June and December, which is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The climate is best described as tropical marine, with ideal conditions for outdoor marriage ceremonies all year.

One of the things that you’ll find from reading any travel guide is that there are several enjoyable activities available. Since you’ll arrive by way of Nandi, you’re likely to want to visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. This breathtaking garden features a lily pond and numerous orchids. The Fiji Museum is also fun to see if you’ll be in Suva. Rafting and kayaking are fun activities that allow you to easily see some of the country’s beautiful, rugged scenery. There are several deals available that allow you to take part in several activities before and after a marriage service.

Many couples choose Fiji island travel because it’s a popular place for weddings and offers romantic activities. It’s easy to arrange a traditional Fijian-style wedding, as well as a romantic beach wedding. Wedding licenses are usually obtained about 36 hours before the ceremony. The bride and groom will need to have original birth certificates and their passports. They will have to both be over 21 or have parental consent. If any prior marriages were involved, the parties will need to have copies of the death certificate or divorce papers. The ceremony will also need to be witnessed by at least two people who are 21 or older. The months of June through December are usually the best times to arrange a ceremony.

Choosing a romantic honeymoon or wedding destination when you are planning your memorable event or couples getaway or vacation can be very difficult. The most popular destinations for honeymoon travel, anniversary travel  and romantic couple vacation resorts deals include tropical islands for romantic honeymoons in the Caribbean, and honeymoon cruises in romantic locations to destination island weddings.

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