Honeymoon Travel Safety

Honeymoon Travel Safety Tips – Take Precautions to Avoid Problems

Your honeymoon should be one of the happiest events in your life, but you should know about honeymoon travel safety tips before you leave. Although some destinations may have beautiful scenery and a lot of activities to enjoy, you should be aware that even the most scenic locations aren’t always safe. In some locations, tourists have to be wary of local criminals. This is especially true in areas that are crowded like busy cities, tourist attractions, or marketplaces. It’s best in regions where crime is more of a problem to keep any valuables like jewelry in the safe at the hotel. If you’re on a cruise, most cruise ships have safes in staterooms so you can safely leave valuables in your cabin.

You should dress in modest styles when you travel to foreign countries that are more conservative to avoid any problems. You don’t want to do anything to attract attention to yourself, by dressing in a way that locals may consider provocative. In some countries a couple holding hands could cause unwanted attention or get you arrested. Be aware of the local customs before you leave, and find out if you’re under U.S. protection in foreign countries, to avoid disasters. You should carry traveler’s checks and be careful about where you keep your cash and credit cards. Know where the authorized banks or other locations are for exchanging money to the local currency.

A good guide to keep in mind is to learn a few phrases of the local language in the event you have to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English. Keep the name, address, and phone number of your hotel with you at all times, and learn how to ask for the police or medical assistance. Be on your guard at all times. Don’t leave luggage or handbags down where they could be grabbed, and be aware that anyone, no matter how innocent they look, could be a thief. Use your common sense and take all the necessary precautions before leaving on your vacation.

Before you leave on your honeymoon vacation, make photocopy the front and back of your passport, traveler’s checks, tickets and reservations, and phone numbers you may need, such as the American consulate. Keep one copy with you and leave the other with a friend or family member. Keep track of spending limits. If you have more than one credit card, keep one with you and the other in the hotel safe. When taking money out to pay for something, do it in an area that’s private. Keep a small amount where you have easy access to it. Keep credit cards and additional cash in a concealed pouch.