What is Honeymoon Registry?


Half the fun of planning a wedding is getting to go on a fabulous exotic honeymoon. However, many wedding couples are struggling with tight budgets, these days, due to the economy. They have to choose between the wedding of their dreams and a memorable vacation. One way to get around a limited funds issue is to employ the use of a honeymoon registry. A honeymoon registry is a service that allows you to register your travel desires in a central place where people in your social network can contribute money towards your travel plans.

For example, if you want to go on an exotic honeymoon in the Caribbean, Mexico, or Tahiti , you can register the cost of the air fare, hotel, activities, and whatever else you can think of. Some websites will even let you register gift items, like dinnerware and electronics, in addition to your request honeymoon package. Your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers can then log onto your wedding page and donate funds towards the total cost of the package. It is a pretty straightforward process that makes it easy for your wedding guests to give you the romantic honeymoon you’ve always wanted. This is the perfect solution for a wedding couple who may be too short on funds to get what they really want.

How a honeymoon registry works is you and your fiancé sign up to a service. Generally, these registries are found online but you can also work with a travel agent. When you sign up online, you are given a page by the service that you can edit to list the things that you want for your exotic honeymoon, the cost, and the quantity. You can list the cost of the entire package and let people donate the amount they want towards the whole or you can break it up into smaller pieces and have each person buy a small portion of vacation.

For example, the cost of your dream honeymoon may be $3,000. You can list the whole amount or break it up into airfare, hotel, meals, etc. Your guests then navigate to your registry page and contribute towards the vacation using their credit card. The registry stores the money in your account with them. Once all the money has been collected for your vacation, you can have it direct deposited into a bank account, paid out to a PayPal account, or have a check sent to you. If you are struggling to afford the exotic honeymoon you want, then use a honeymoon registry. Your friends and family will only be too happy to help you make your dreams come true.